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I’ve been looking for community research my whole life because I wanted to rectify the tragic things I’ve seen and experienced in my environment. Healing is at the core of this work, which I think galvanises the beauty and humanity buried deep within our culture. I am a firm believer in the quote that ‘God’s favourites have a harder time’. Challenges are there to be embraced, especially when you grow to know that your pain is not exclusive. I am so thankful to Shaun Danquah for providing me with the opportunity to do right in the same spaces that our society has made wrong. My fierce aim is that together we will build, design, promote and sell a groundbreaking cultural commodity that will make a lasting difference for our people.

Since our serendipitous meeting, I have helped develop our community research model in various ways that have ratified my standing within the team and in the social sector with real authenticity.

I graduated from:

  • Observation of strategy;
  • Participation in the field; and
  • Leadership in rethinking research in a culturally competent way and product development.

Through entrepreneurial building, brand design, marketing, and sales, I have been able to find my creative niche, which allows me to express my artistic flair. To date, I have flourished by applying my cultural equity towards:

  • Community-led workshops;
  • Design sessions with Google, Amazon and LSE;
  • Presenting at the King’s Health Partners Annual Conference 2020;
  • Covid-19 Intelligence gathering media campaigns;
  • Collaborative work with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity;
  • Design & strategy sessions for our community research model;
  • Thematic analysis and evaluations of our research data;
  • Literature reviews of Medical Scepticism and the Black Identity Nexus;
  • Writing proposals for partnerships with organisations, like the NHS;
  • Business development meetings for street corner entrepreneurialism;
  • Book plan think tanks for our community research journey;
  • Blog posts articulating our progress;
  • Leading a local surveying cohort on Air Pollution within the Urban Locale;
  • Facilitating a workshop with GEHL Cities for People;
  • Hosting panels addressing systemic racism within the workplace;
  • Collaborating with funders and public health bodies;
  • Incubated Centric with community researchers;
  • Co-Leading Centric marketing and branding strategy; and
  • Lead student steering groups with London South Bank University.

In light of the social capital that our work has afforded me, I decided to set up my own consultancy, Unifying Seed LLP, which solidified my ownership over my enterprises in a freelance way that suits my entrepreneurial ambitions. In doing so, I can now contribute to my local economy and work with other business owners who are also interested in social enterprise. I have also created client partnerships borne out of my wider network, which has developed into new members of our community research programme! All of this is a testament to the latent cultural equity that people like myself have to offer when given the proper platform and ecology to thrive.





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