imgOur Vision

– Become an emerging movement of entrepreneurial spirit, diversity and inclusiveness.

– We ideate, create and innovate research methodology, free from the conditions which have hampered and hindered established institutions.

– Pioneering centralised research hub for communities in urban areas that builds capacity, providing accurate and credible data. Emphasis placed on creating disruptive, alternative and experimental models for engaging and upskilling local community members in research.

– Develop future-proofed products (toolkits, workshops, ‘quiet room’ sessions with universities, consultations and media campaigns) that involve the community extending from research all the way into implementation.

– Develop new partnerships to facilitate change, while experimenting with processes to build and design more inclusive and targeted businesses within the community. For example, addressing issues with recruitment and employee progression.

– Provide continuous innovation with new and alternative models for engaging and upskilling local communities in research, with unique and credible products and services emanating from this.

– Futureproof against the emerging needs of local communities by identifying emerging trends and building frameworks and approaches that can be scaled and replicated across the UK.


imgOur Mission

– Create a cohesive working environment between underrepresented communities and the wider social sector. Placing local people at the forefront of researching their own communities, identifying issues, developing solutions and delivering interventions – empowering communities.

– Unique products and services which are co-designed and co-produced with communities, using the local experience, expertise and knowledge to drive the change that genuinely benefits communities. Community researchers should be valued as assets to the economy.

– Harness the cultural nuances within communities to solve social problems through the Centric Community Research (CR) model. It incubates the entrepreneurial expertise found within the community, alongside an upskilling and capacity building of community research.

– Embolden and assist forward-thinking platforms producing practices that encourage maximum mutual benefit, for community members and businesses, as well as the social environment.

– Create a new standard of culturally appropriate research and delivery by incorporating traditional academic rigour with a more nuanced and culturally relevant brand of ethics appropriate for underserved communities.

– Use the street-corner innovation and entrepreneurial flair of community cohorts, harnessed by their lived experience, to develop an understanding of future markets in the post-pandemic landscape, motivating entrepreneurship and social mobility.

– Recruitment strategy using cross-cultural dexterity, which we define as having an ability and an understanding of how best to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. This is critical to our efforts to penetrate the needs and nuances of the urban locale.

– Incubating and building capacity around the individual skill sets of community researchers to achieve a new level of authenticity and accuracy within the social sector and the process of data gathering and analysis.



""No pain, no ideation""

- Shaun Danquah img

Our values

  • Collaboration

    We honour an authentic relationship with the community at every stage of our work processes by feeding back to the community in order to continuously include their input. We empower them by giving the community shared ownership and responsibility. Centric works with a deep willingness to reach the heart of communities that are underserved and under-represented through collaboration.


  • Entrepreneurship & employment

    Centric inbutes the entrepreneurialism of its community researchers in order to strengthen their positions in the economy. We facilitate their upskilling and employment by putting them in positions to contribute to research. Community researchers’ progress and roles will be formed around their existing skill sets with tailored plans to upskill and improve working practices.

  • Nuance

    Lived experience within urban communities is an asset rather than a blemish to be overcome. Centric values this and our research approach values flexibility, agility and mobility in order to stay abreast of emerging trends in the community.

  • Trust and Transparency

    Our working ethics are empathy-based, transparent and inclusive, feeding a spirit of consideration and unity. We guarantee the confidentiality of our data providers, plus tech integrity. Centric encourages familiarity; people researching are familiar with the people being interviewed, i.e., similar background and experiences etc.

  • Representation

    Our community researchers are encouraged to help articulate the thoughts, nuances and sentiments of urban communities on platforms where their voices can be heard and actions can be taken. They are selected on the basis of the APC model – accessibility, positionality and credibility within their community. Centric encourages local growth by recruiting community researchers via informal networks within their community.

  • Innovation

    We will be at the forefront of an up-and-coming age of tech innovation in order to capture emerging nuances and trends. Centric is built around a new working model reflecting the current market of remote working and cultural dexterity. We embrace disruption within the academic space by allowing community researchers to contribute their lived experiences and insights in a direct and different way.


  • Culturally Appropriate

    Centric utilises the cultural insight and sense of ethics within urban communities to identify nuances traditional research would have missed. Racial equity is prioritised in order to serve those underserved. We structure business relationships by leveraging the cultural insights and voice of our community researchers as an asset and expertise. An equitable exchange (social brokerage) between institutions and community is always the aim.