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Our community research model is social activism that is community-owned. Community research consists of upskilling local people who have the accessibility, position and credibility to unpack cultural nuances that traditional institutions tend to miss. We prioritise strategic partnerships with forward-thinking organisations that share the same commitment to problem solving and service toward underserved communities. Funders, charities, social enterprises, local government bodies and academic institutions are among the list of organisations that we have successfully worked with. We do not seek to work with extractive companies who do not share our values of empowerment, cultural integrity, collaboration and community ownership. The incubation of our community researchers is rooted in a kinship emphasising you, the person, ahead of the outputs and milestones you have to offer. Our firm value is that we seek to give our community researchers more equity so you can do more for yourself and your communities. We represent those that come from a place where success is not an option and our objective is to bring belief to those who didn’t think they had a chance.

What we will do

  • Supporting a healthy work/life balance for our community researchers.
  • Social brokerage between institutions and underserved communities.
  • Illuminating the grey area between cultural insights and the interpretation that is subsequently relayed to the wider public.
  • Supporting community entrepreneurs personally and infrastructurally.
  • Bespoke initiatives to support institutions in community engagement that share our values.
  • Equitable contracts for community members.
  • Community ownership of our research model, building a legacy.
  • Strategic advice on running effective community programs, such as, managing budgets, etc.
  • Culturally nuanced research done for the community, by the community. ‘Urban looping’ with our community in all phases of our work.


What we won't do

  • Allocating resources to local charities in an offhand manner.
  • Culturally biased engagement strategies that don’t reflect the nuances of the community.
  • Outdated top-down mandates and grassroots data collecting on its own.
  • Performative corporate social responsibility.
  • Outreach strategies that favour the mainstream demographic only.
  • Cultural illiteracy.
  • Extractive approaches.
  • Pursuing funding in favour of genuinely serving the communities’ needs.

Interested in working with us?

Developing and implementing diverse and inclusive policies is a necessity for a thriving community. Let’s collaborate to explore innovative ways to achieve positive system change.
We would love to hear from you
  • E: partnerships@centric.org.uk

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