Cen-Giving has developed an initiative in Ghana (West Africa) by funding locals to clean the beaches.
Written by Shaun Danquah Jun 15, 2022

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“What does sustainability look like globally? We all have a responsibility to our communities.”


Centric fervently seeks to develop and fund ethical community projects and our latest in Ghana, West Africa, has taken us a long way from our usual locales in London. Cen-Giving is a community-give back project focused on taking care of the environment.

In this new initiative, we're funding local people to clean the beaches on a weekly basis. Littering on beaches is a major problem, being used as dumping grounds for rubbish and old clothing. Plastic is also prominent among this debris, clearly visible in the overflowing garbage bags collected by Samo and his fellow volunteers.

Wearing Centric-branded tee-shirts on the weekly beach cleanup, Samo says: “We’re very proud of the work we’re doing, it’s very helpful to our environment, coastal areas and the entire country. We say thank you to the Centric team members. It’s good of them to do this as we can help ourselves … I work in happiness.”

His pride is well placed. His country joined the Global Plastic Association Partnership in 2019 to tackle the menace of plastic pollution afflicting the country. Several initiatives were set up to try to eradicate well over a million tons of plastic waste per year, with less than 5% of it collected for recycling. (Source: Global Plastic Association Partnership website)

Ghana is one of a handful of countries to launch a national plastic pollution plan backed by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Development Program.

It’s vital too as lots of these plastic waste ends up in the oceans, having a detrimental effect on marine wildlife and its ecosystem. The massive Ghanaian fishing industry and coastal communities also suffer the consequences of the damage caused by plastic pollution.

Centric believes it is important to keep close ties to such initiatives, particularly as they’re ethical and have an environmental or sustainability nuance. We want to develop further similar projects, such as a food-run project with Betty Wilson, supporting poor families in Nigeria.

Another initiative is improving sanitary conditions in parts of Accra, Ghana, plus ethical female-led initiatives in Morocco. Within this context of distrust, we hold it is vital that although we are rooted in largely localised London-centric projects, the connection to the Global South and its challenges around ethical environmental initiatives and climate change must not be overlooked.

These are issues that must be given paramount attention. If you are involved or interested in corporate social responsibility projects of this type, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we can discuss further: welcome@centric.org.uk

You can see exclusive footage of the beach cleanup by simply visiting our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Don’t forget to follow us too so you’re always up to date with our work.


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