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“Embark on a transformative journey with the CenX Podcast, where the launch of Cen-X converges with poignant discussions on mental health, fostering empowerment and resilience.”




Cen-X stands as a platform where action is ignited, the system is challenged, and voices society often silences are amplified. Through dynamic episodes, we fearlessly address social and environmental issues, shedding light on injustice, and empowering seldom-heard communities. In engaging interviews and powerful narratives, we rally for change, providing a platform where unheard voices rise, disrupt, and demand justice. Cen-X is not just a podcast; it's a platform!

The Launch

The Cen-X launch event on Friday, 1st December at Impact Brixton was an incredible night, as attested by attendees and myself. Muhammed Rauf, Director of Business Development at Centric, commenced the event, outlining its layout and briefly introducing Cen-X before passing the mic to me, the Founder of Cen-X. I shared my personal journey, overcoming pain, trauma, and mental health battles, turning them into strengths to reach my current roles at Cen-X and Centric.

After a short break, the live podcast began with Muhammed, Esther Agyeman (Community Researcher and Nutritional Coach, Centric), and Dr. Ties Hoomans (Research Consultant, LSE). We engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on mental health, followed by audience questions, enriching the dialogue.

The event concluded with the moving poem 'A Dedicated Writer' by Cezanne Poetess, encouraging storytelling. We then enjoyed the fantastic and healthy offerings from Anne Betty's Kitchen before departing for the evening.

Finishing the night with food and drink from Anne Betty’s was a delight. While I usually opt for fast food and fizzy drinks, the healthy options left me feeling energized, emphasizing the positive impact of healthy eating on mental health.

On a Personal Note

This event marked a significant milestone for me, emerging from a dark place mentally and emotionally in 2022. Through Centric and founding Cen-X, I've demonstrated that positive transformation is possible, even in seemingly impossible situations. My hope is that through this platform, I can inspire and assist others facing struggles or darkness, as I understand the power of inspiration.

Reflecting on the live podcast with Muhammed, Esther, and Ties, the experience was a pleasure. The potential for continued collaboration between individuals like Dr. Hoomans and institutions on the platform could bridge the gap, fostering mutual learning and growth.

Reflections from Dr. Ties Hoomans

Being part of the launch was uplifting, witnessing everyone passionately advocating for giving a voice to mental health issues. The podcast's potential to contribute aligns with research indicating that minority ethnic groups face mental health challenges, and podcasts can offer a platform for diverse voices.

Podcasts facilitate sharing personal stories, clarifying institutional roles, and promoting positive change. They foster dialogue, understanding, and cultural exchange, making complex issues more human and less stigmatized.

My Key Takeaways

  • The power of conversations between communities and outsiders on the same platforms
  • The significance of providing a voice to the seldom heard
  • Discovering personal and collective strength
  • The effectiveness of live podcasts
  • The importance of community and teamwork
  • The need for deeper understanding of Mental Health

Future Plans for Cen-X

Heading into 2024, Cen-X aims to be widely recognized, advocating for real change with the support of communities and institutions. Pre-recorded and live podcast events on critical agendas will continue, focusing on providing a voice for seldom-heard communities and initiating difficult conversations. Cen-X sees itself as a platform for creative research methodology, envisioning podcasts as the future of research.

Acknowledging the lack of trust between communities and institutions, Cen-X strives to rebuild trust by providing visibility and authenticity through its platform. Bridging the gap between communities and institutions is a crucial aspect, essential for the progress of our society.

Note: Views expressed by Dr. Ties Hoomans represent his personal opinions and do not reflect the official views of the London School of Economics.



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