Written by Jerry Community Researcher Jul 18, 2021

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1) Diversity as a Community researcher means what to me.

The concept of diversity in community researchers is a deep reflection of the acceptance of differences between people which rhythm with the needs of the future.

I believe most of the traumas that happened in the past were caused by the lack of understanding and willingness to understand. Today, we as a community researcher should not focus to study on the past but we must build for the future, we must prepare our community to be able to have a brighter tomorrow.


To me, diversity in us helps to bring people closer, combined efforts from us with different voices and opinions could facilitate a bridge which is accessible for the past and the new. 2) Multilingual nuances impact our understanding of our work how? Firstly, we must accept that everyone is unique and has subtle difference in communication or self-expression. Furthermore, diversity in a community of people with differences in culture, language, religion, and values make research work even harder. Hence, multilingual nuances in us becomes an equity that can makes us to feel distinctly effective in our research that we are able to hear the real voice of our community. The varieties of the languages allow us to navigate the world without any obstacles. 3) How does our multilingual nuances in our team help our research see what they (academic institutions) don’t see? Multilingual nuances in our team have become our trademark, identity, unique appearance, and equity, that advocate our difference that would help to create a unique model. Compared to academic institutions required more formal approaches in getting educational research, they have less human touch that we can offer. With multilingual nuances, we can communicate and understand all walks of life, there is no hurdle in our way to achieve our goals. Our philosophy is diversity, and the nuance is our strength. 4) Global issues can turn into opportunity for us (covid19, BLM employment). Describe how this happen. Global issues such as pandemic COVID19 & ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) has the same element of global warming, which is heating. These global issues caused the heat in our humanity and it continues to magnify to a regretful state and scared our world. But the global issues can turn into opportunity for us to play our part in getting our world better. BLM is a decentralized political and social movement protesting incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence. It did not happen because of a single incident; it is the impact of the discrimination to the black community and inequality in education and wealth to the community. The media has shown the world to witness the unfair treatment inflicted on the black community. Furthermore COVID-19 has exposed persistent inequalities by age, race, gender, income and geographic location. Despite of global health gains, we continue to face complex, interconnected threats to health and well-being rooted in social, economic, political, and environmental determinants of health. Thus, it shaken the world up that we need to have equalities in all, voices of all need to be heard, and here we are, CENTRIC who prepare to listen, to understand and to make differences and improvements to our community and the world.


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