Muhammed Rauf


Muhammed started at Centric as a Community Researcher with a keen motivation to instil a competent level of financial literacy throughout his own network and across the urban locale.

Throughout his foray working in a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, travel and financial planning, Muhammed discovered in his eyes that ‘hard work without understanding your own purpose is meaningless’. Subsequently, Muhammed discovered a niche for himself using the breadth of his skills to make a big impact when he joined the social sector. He is currently paving the way in the rethinking of research and ethics, whilst also building firm relationships within the sector to further the impact and insight of the research projects that are underway.

Muhammed now determines to ‘choose your purpose, it will not choose you’ in reference to having found a vocation that truly meets his values and his aspirations for himself as a man and his contribution to the community. He established his own consultancy, The Rauf Company, in early 2021.

Muhammed graduated from Kingston in 2017 with a 2:1 in BSc Business Management.





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Matty Amartey – Community Researcher

Jul 18th 2021

Muhammed Rauf - Task Force

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