Sylvana Walcott

Director of Operations

Sylvana started her journey with Centric in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and is one of our many success stories. She started off as a Community Researcher, working on groundbreaking projects, such as the Black Thrive Employment project, Air Pollution and Parenting before becoming part of the Centric Task Force, which led to the incubation of Centric as an individual organisation. She then moved on to joining the founding executive team as the Director of Operations.

As a social entrepreneur, Sylvana managed to pick up a range of skills such as operations management, project management, brand development and marketing. She will now be using these skills to help Centric grow from an ambitious startup to an established and well-respected organisation. In the process, her aim is to develop a training and development programme that will support entrepreneurial Community Researchers in reaching their full potential and building their ventures.

She believes that there is strength in unity and that real change must come from within our communities and she is keen to be part of this change.





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