Written by Jordan Taylor Founder & Director, Cenethics Ltd Jul 25, 2022

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“Working over the past year has been a blast in terms of my own personal development. I feel I’ve really awakened a potential I didn’t know I had.”


Now I have the ability to think in a 4-dimensional way, my approach and understanding has been enhanced, resulting in a better understanding and value of research and data which has the power to change lives through policy. This has had a profound effect on my outlook for Vamp Sneaker Cleaning Ltd.

During the work we did with Centric where we engaged with the community as a whole, I couldn't help thinking how an element of youth inclusion was missed in the approach to our research. This led me to pitch the idea of Cenethics to Dr Shaun Danquah.

Cenethics, a purely youth-led partner of Centric focusses on three key areas:

  • Health
  • Skills
  • Employment

Cenethics aims to build a business that validates youth-led research through the development of capacity, capability and research skills. Our team of young people are constantly working in the field of innovation around tech and this positions them perfectly for the green space agenda which fuels our urban contribution in the fashion sector.

Recently, Cenethics had its first engagement with some keen young people from seldom heard communities. We engaged and connect with these young people from a background of shared life experiences, gauging their hopes and fears while offering employment opportunities to support us in mapping and building the Cenethics vision.

Open for no less than a month, and we have already signed a partnership with BSTN, who are developing a youth community hub. This has since evolved into a partnership that shines a spotlight on 'building a conscious awareness around the cohesive nature of Air pollution, fashion and political messaging'.

So we have a lot of work ahead of us on our path to building a capacity for change!

Below, Jordan Taylor tells of his relationship with 'Brixton' and Vamp before launching CenEthics.


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