Fashion Culture Sustainability and Product Slogan Protest Messaging
Written by YUSIF MORRIS Aug 24, 2022

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“Having discussions on sustainability and climate change has never been more important.”


Many of us have many things to say but, fear the reaction from the systems that be because of what history has taught us happens when you say the wrong thing about the wrong person at the wrong time. Many public leaders, activists, have paid a hefty price for possible exposure of a particular group, type of people or just the wealthy hand. And for this reason, the people or public are afraid to speak their mind so, have gone to other alternatives such as fashion, which plays a big role in society.

Fashion is uniform and uniform is everything.

This showed in the case of George Floyd (feature image above), a black man who was murdered at the hands of the police. He was choked to death by the knee of an on-duty officer.

The message was clear, 'I CAN’T BREATHE'. This is a prime example of protest through fashion. Why speak when you can show. As the saying goes, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. People feel by showing you through their fashion instead of shouting – it has a bigger message.

Wearing garments with intent protest messaging

Protest messaging can mean to the suppliers a whole lot of emotional pain, history and even knowledge to gain through fashion. Using this outlet has many benefits as it gives you not only the chance to say what needs to be said but, you can also make it look good. A strong message with a pretty look.

Things can also go the opposite way for brands if the people are not happy with the product or the feel. They are causing more harm than good to the people as with the company NIKE.

It wasn't that long ago Nike was being shamed in public for its labour practices to the point where it badly tarnished the company's image and hurt sales.

Product Sustainability

Sustainability exceeds the rest in potential universally as it adds to better the environment, complements not only the brand but, the wearer also. The thought process behind the brand must also be recognised, exceeding over other ways to brand as it makes for a better future.

Messaging brands have a high potential also but, cannot contend with sustainability branding as the people out-weighs all odds; to sustain a brand is to put not only the people first, but the world itself.

Having discussions on sustainability and climate change has never been more important. Our world is changing and it is our responsibility to be as informed as possible and act accordingly. Whether you’re looking to expand your own knowledge, or inform friends and family, research is a fantastic way to acquire knowledge and information.

Sustainability calls on researchers to become part of the solution and help save the planet while there is still time.

This article reminds us that it is the human footprint that is destroying the planet, and it is we who are called upon to save it and protect life on Earth. As simple as it may sound, we are the ones consistently and intentionally destroying our own nature which once destroyed, we can never survive. It is a one-way road to destruction and if changes are not for sure made indefinitely, we will all face consequences in a way we may see as simple due to circumstance of present. But, it will have devastating effect on a sooner future than we think.

Fashion Culture Sustainability and Product Slogan Protest Messaging by Yusif Morris

Climate change and its effect on fashion

As climate change interrupts the normal scheme of things, as will the measurement within the materials we wear have an effect on the skin we cover. The skin of the younger man will not be able to bare what the skin of the older man can bare as he was not raised in this time where climate change is highly affecting those of this new generation and so on.

Branding has always made a clear path for messaging as they stand out with universal language, maybe even universal slangs or secret languages. Messaging has always had a strong uphold on the market as it has just as much power as sustainability. If you were to collab the two, you would probably have an unstoppable brand.

The fact that chemical pollutants are being filtered into poverty-stricken areas, causing cancerous diseases, highlights the important for the people to speak up on what is really happening behind closed doors. Starting a sustainable brand will be a perfect way to become an automatic enemy to brands who intend to harm not only the consumers who pay their hard-earned money for the products but, also the environments these products are placed in.

This covers the area of environmental racism which is under-looked deeply for reason one must ponder over. The products are just as bad as feeding someone poison, these brands must be combatted and what better way than a brand which does the complete opposite. Challenging all negative brands through sustainability. Exposing all negative brands through messaging.

Manufacture Research

There are over 10,000 manufacturers worldwide, all with similar aims and goals, to produce the best quality to the client. Most manufacturers only look at this aspect in a way that’s levelled monotone type angle, feeling as long as the product is quality it is a win! The problem is there is more to quality than just the look of a product and when you have a learned individual, or group with a higher learning on quality, is when you will have to look deeper to source your specifics.

The brand we will build will offer people the choice to understand and choose which way to go when it comes to branding for a better self and better future, bearing in mind the children, animals and even down to nature itself.

The amount of ruin, waste, murder and negligence to name the lease are all a part of the mainstream way of attaining wealth and success through product placement and we’re here to pull on your thoughts for your future.

We plan to utilise waste, regenerate product and boost client/customer confidence. We aim to redefine fashion and keep it at a level of excellence not only through quality product, but also quality of staff, team and quality of assurance that you will be in the safest hands when it comes to delivery.


Fashion as a whole shares many different expressions, has many different agendas and has a powerful influence on the masses. Fashion will continue to explode and express itself through the many doors that welcome it. Sustainable fashion will also always hold a door itself as it is environmentally friendly, customer first and the overall wellbeing of the planet.


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