Race and Reflectivity Sessions
Written by Marcus Tayebwa & Tracey Kirungi Mar 07, 2022

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The 2020s are here in the most unexpected fashion; a global pandemic arrived, bringing a subsequent reliance on technology making the world increasingly remote. Human connection is at a premium and the importance of technology has reached a new level. Our recent 'Race & Reflectivity' sessions focussed on this topic, addressing corporate social responsibility and the power of digital diversity.

We are creatively breaking institutional barriers to inclusive co-design through these sessions facilitated by our partners, YouPress and Writerz’n’Scribez. We enjoy improved relations with our fundamental research partner, Impact On Urban Health, by harmonising staff from two uniquely different but interdependent organisations in the tertiary sector.

By resolving differences through encouraging empathy and understanding, organisational partnerships can better achieve mutually beneficial goals. The traditionally detached professionalism that is the hallmark of Britain causes the institutional disconnect that alienates different cultures that are off-stage. Centric positions itself as a pioneer of unpacking hidden cultural nuances and guiding institutions toward the equitable collaborations that are the marker of our time.

One issue diversity and inclusion initiatives commonly face is realising that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to BAME communities. We believe digital diversity is when platforms are inclusive from the beginning to avoid the biases of homogenous groups that are implicit once a platform is created. Henceforward, we seek to expand our 'Race & Reflectivity' model by effectively training institutions to communicate in the language and cultural nuance they lack when interacting with diverse groups in the workspace.

By streamlining company culture, everyone from the ground level up to the CEO can move in one accord. The Centric founders, Shaun Danquah and Paul Addae, penned an academic literature review titled ‘The Black Identity Nexus’ that speaks of the need to differentiate ethnicities accordingly. For example, the Black identity is not monolithic, within this identity we are united on shared values, as well as separated at the points that differentiate us very strongly but, beautifully all the same.

Society would greatly benefit from understanding at such great depth the importance of this nexus and others just like it. More and more companies are now dependent on platforms, such as Zoom, to facilitate their work and engagement. The spread of the Covid-19 virus encouraged us to adapt by using technology to satisfy our social needs as millions of families were separated from their loved ones.

Our new post-pandemic landscape has also caused a shift in the working world that prioritises more culturally dexterous frameworks than the traditional approaches of the past. At the outset, the Centric movement added another dimension to the health sector through our work on Health Activism and Medical Scepticism.

We are now growing into a community consultancy and our 'Race & Reflectivity' model can help by bridging the culture gap between intuitions and the sectors they want to engage. We can bridge the gap institutions feel uncomfortable to deal with when interacting with staff, community, partners, students, etc.


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