Trauma-In-The-Booth-Musical-Healing-Banner Trauma in the Booth: Musical Healing
Written by YUSIF MORRIS Community Researcher Feb 01, 2023

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Trauma, PTSD, anxiety - all of these have a huge part to play in the community I come from.

Moving away and out of the communities is also a significant part of growing up in the ghetto communities we come from due to the impact these mental health conditions have on people. Trauma has had a huge impact on our inner-city youth from the 80s until today. Most youth, whether directly or indirectly, have had a traumatic experience through violence, life threatening events and continuous let-down by society.

Personally, I have seen people lose their mental health over and over again because of the community selling dreams. They were not educated about their situation and were taken advantage of through studio expenditures, expectations and being used by people who are wiser than them in business and the entertainment industry in general.

I have come up with a solution for those suffering from these conditions…

The Solution - Trauma in the Booth

Trauma in the Booth will consist of building a project based around community trauma, giving them a platform to produce music which consists of their experiences of mental health issues.

  • Creating an album on the subject of trauma.
  • Creating a safe haven for people suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues.
  • Educating people on trauma and PTSD.
  • Funding and caring for people whilst working with us on this project.
  • Teaching people how to use equipment including: logic, Cubase, recording studio, microphone, sound card and booth.
  • Teaching marketing skills in music.

By creating Trauma in the Booth, we provide a way for people who have experienced this, to one, relay their stories to us and also offer a coping mechanism. It can also be used as a safe haven for the people suffering trauma to escape to when they feel anxious and are suffering from a high level of PTSD. I myself believe I suffer from these issues but, have found that using the studio has been a safe place, away from potential gun shoot-outs, high knife crime involvement and general galivant. Simply chilling or seeing one’s friends in these areas can lead to anything, literally anything, including death.

The aim is to build a studio based on mental stability. It is important because most youth look up to musicians, producers and artists as a way out subconsciously, even myself. I got into music from a young age but never had a team supporting me, which would’ve benefitted me from young. If you can incorporate mental health awareness within the booths/studios used to create music, you will gain access to the youth and also become a mentor to them. It’s a no brainier. The majority of youth want fame and success but with this, we can teach the pros and cons of fame and success. The many types of fame and success.

“Do you really want these things or are they just following the light?”

Most importantly, the mental effects of fame and success which I can guarantee no one is prepared for. As the more famous you are, the more private you become as we can see from the rich and famous.

“You must give people a fair chance of understanding for them to benefit from the community and progress. Creating Trauma in the Booth is what the youth need, educating them and giving them access to networks and resources to progress.”

This project will create an album ready to release on all digital platforms with visuals, such as music videos, released for each single. This album will be shared with government officials to let them know what the community are going through and the impact it is having.

The Trauma in the Booth concept will allow the parents of youth going through trauma, and their wider community, to hear and feel what the traumatised people are going through without them having to be so direct. Plus, those involved will enjoy developing their musical craft and talent which can take them away from what has caused them trauma. I am working on a plan to get this project funded by various health organisations in the hopes we can work together to build a new form of alternative therapy for those who suffer from trauma./p>

Trauma in the Booth is a way of developing through the trauma but, also a way out.


Trauma is a real-life effect of the lesser valued people and communities, mostly urban and Black communities with lower-wage income families. Dealing with trauma is not only difficult for the individual but, also for the parents and communities as all of them face the effects of the results of undergoing trauma. The trauma in the booth project will have many positive results, including the following:

  • It will give each individual involved a pathway to release stress.
  • Individuals will be able to utilise this as a coping mechanism.
  • It will allow parents to get involved in their child’s mental health issues, which are rarely shared at home.
  • It will allow them to refine their skills in music production, or as an artist, to give them an opportunity towards career progression.
  • It will resonate with the wider community, who will be able to empathise with the messaging in the music.
  • It will be enjoyable and give youth something productive to focus on.
  • This project will be a successful pilot for alternative methods of therapy that is culturally appropriate for youth based in the urban locale and can be expanded upon.

Project Plan (Overview) - Developed by the youth, for the youth!

Phase 1 - Preparation

The team will prepare the music studio and advertise to local youth and artists to join the project.

Phase 2- Youth Engagement and Training

We will then work alongside the youth, coaching and mentoring them on the process of music production, getting them ready to produce their own music and begin ideating on lyrics based on their own lived experience dealing with trauma.

Phase 3 - Recording Sessions

The team, which now encompasses up to 10 youths, myself, and other industry professionals, will spend three weeks recording the first drafts of the songs they have developed, all while receiving ongoing feedback and coaching. This will include feedback sessions with industry professionals to support the refinement of the music.

Phase 4 - Finalising Outputs

Following feedback from these sessions, the team will agree to changes and then go back into the studio to record the final versions. This will be followed up by the mixing and mastering process that is essential to producing music that is ready for publishing. Each track will have a corresponding music video, which is co-designed and produced with each artist.

Phase 5 - Dissemination of Outputs

The final album and videos will be shared across all social media platforms, with the support of industry professionals who will advertise and promote the project and music to create momentum up to the final release.

If you are interested in getting involved with this project, and understand how it can help youth in your area, please get in touch with my colleague: Muhammed Rauf - (Head of Business Development)


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