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Written by YUSIF MORRIS Community Researcher Jun 25, 2023

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Keep the same energy is another way of saying you can transfer the same skill sets you had in the streets to the workforce, … to gain financial benefits.




Accomplishments are something we all aim for; when a man who has come from nothing puts himself in a position in society where he can feed his family legitimately, this is his biggest achievement. Most don’t know the path many have had to take, knowingly or unknowingly. Along that path, a certain amount of skill sets are needed to succeed and these are what we will clarify in this article.

The purpose is to show how transferring a certain mindset and skills, even those gained partaking in illicit revenue, still hold its weight in the legitimate system also.

Why and how people find their way to the path of unlawful means is another subject altogether but, I will try to demonstrate how the relevant skills are transferrable.

As a youth with a lesser past, when entering into a better prospect of revenue, I would automatically feel like I should now water or tone down my strengths and character in general. I would go along with that decision as I would feel it would be too aggressive towards clients and co-workers. As I reached a more mature state, I realised those same skills are the ones which would’ve taken companies I have worked with and created to the level they were intended for.

Hustle Hard

Hustler - an enterprising person determined to succeed; a go-getter. Becoming a hustler is the first skill one wants to accomplish. Taking care of your mother, father, siblings, possible children and most importantly yourself. If you don't hustle, you don't eat. This mindset and skill is a universal one which works in any field. Hustling will always be the number one transferable skill as it is the hustler who normally feeds the family.

Do Not Spend Your Investment

If you intend to last in any business you will need to understand the statement of not spending your investment money. Every business has hiccups, slow runs and fast runs depending on the graph, but once you start lessening your potential by lowering your input, the business will also lessen. Once you spend your investment money, your business may have a chance of bankruptcy if you are not aware of the correct time management process.

Great Advertisement Brings Great Profit

Transferring the skills of word-to-mouth promotion, shifting that same energy into the legitimate promotion of a product, is a skill set which will, and should, bring a better result in the legitimate world. You no longer have the problem of paranoia and unsurety of clientele, whether to trust them or not. You will be able to be wholehearted in connecting and promotion. The market is yours to handle however you feel. There are no setbacks, no processing, just direct promotion and marketing to whom you feel suits your business needs.

This skill set can also come under the risk assessment factor, primarily the risk you are taking coming from a street perspective there is a very high risk of jail and possible death through gaining income and building stable clientele. Taking this same approach into the legitimate business, you have a way less risk of failure. You will also have access to a wider clientele prospect using the same energy for legitimate incomes.

Stack/Save Your Money

Transferable skills are skills for life. When taking the positive business route and applying these same skills, you will have incredible results. The streets would say ‘stack your dough’ as you never know when you may need it and may never know when your job will be unavailable. The same applies in the legal system, to ‘save your money for a rainy day’ and only to invest into things which make you money. This example of transferring skills is obvious to the person who has a sound mind and they will be able to apply the same skill set to any factor in business.


The skill set of fearlessness has a huge input no matter the business you are involved in. A common person coming from the street would maybe perceive that fearlessness is a skill set needed only for the streets but, the same skills are needed in the constitutional system. Fearlessness in approach, tackling goals and moving forward, or even terminating the business, as you feel is best. ‘Not all money is good money’.

The transition from the streets to becoming legit is in itself fearlessness of change and willing to make the change and take the risk of bankrupting your business believing in your next steps with no fear. Fear will make you hesitate, and fear usually comes from a few things:

  • Past incidents or traumas. Certain situations might have a lasting effect on how you feel about some incidents.
  • Learned responses from early life.
  • Reactions and responses to panic or fear.
  • Change of environment.
  • Genetic factors.

Gang currency to legitimate means allows a man to have a more peaceful future. The culture of the gangs may have benefits but, all benefits lead to an end and only causes harm to oneself and those around you.

To conclude, even though the past has created an unfavourable name for some, cultural equity is still expected and needed for people from any background as some people were forced into dealings they had not intended to partake in due to many unforeseen reasons. The amount of business entrepreneurism that comes from the street mentality, or way of living, can be transferred to benefit so many legitimate companies and are being shoved under the rug due to past relations. The innovative minds stuck between a rock and a hard place due to judgemental and systematic mistakes of people are only ruining the future for businesses and the advancement of communities.

Keep the same energy is another way of saying you can transfer the same skill set you had in the streets to the workforce, and apply the same etiquettes and pressures used to gain financial benefits. To innovate our prior potentials into a bigger development and focus the same skills into the bigger world of business; you see the same expertise can be shifted into areas you would not expect to accommodate such habits. So, do not feel like giving up your skill sets once you cross over to a better position in life; just alter and adapt those same skills to the vast society of entrepreneurism.


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