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Written by REMMI AZIZ CENETHICS TEAM Jul 15, 2023

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“By incorporating QR codes into our clothing, we can leverage this technology to promote our cause in a unique and impactful way.”



We have received a tremendous amount of interest in collaborating from various organisations and individuals, as well as an increased number of people eager to learn more about CenGiving. Due to this growing curiosity and interest, we decided to hold our own presentation to provide further insight and clarity on our project. Once again, it was a success!

Our recent presentation took place in Elephant and Castle, where the entire team gathered to present to a wider audience consisting of community members, stakeholders, and esteemed guests, such as the Head of Exchequer Services from Southwark Council and the Head of Service from Lambeth Heart. The event was a testament to the support and enthusiasm we have garnered so far.

We received some amazing comments and reflections from our audience and the team:


“On reflection, this project has helped me see political issues in a different way, they can be reported, shared and simplified instead of documentations or news. This is great for young people and others who may not absorb knowledge in ‘traditional’ ways. Working with the team has exploded our ideas and they keep coming, the more we dive in. We’ve worked well, there have been highs in prepping for Fashion Week and lows when we couldn't go but, we kept that buzz and energy to resource into new events and future ideas. I look forward to continuing.”


“A project like this has more meaning because I’m looking for many solutions to clothes waste as it is a humongous task to solve in my country. I am excited to make change in the world that has been under attack from human kind and passing on the information has become a good dinner table conversation.”

As we move forward, our team is excitedly pushing the boundaries of innovation, seeking new avenues to spread awareness and ignite change. One of the concepts we are exploring is the use of QR codes in fashion garments. They have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and ease of use. By incorporating QR codes into our clothing, we can leverage this technology to promote our cause in a unique and impactful way.

How We Envision Using QR Codes With Our Fashion Garments

Disseminating Knowledge - QR codes provide a simple and efficient method of directing people to relevant websites or digital resources. By including QR codes on our clothing, we can connect individuals directly to educational content, articles, or research papers that shed light on the intersection of fashion and climate change. This approach allows us to reach a wider audience and share valuable information effortlessly.

Sharing Information - QR codes offer a streamlined means of sharing information with others. Whether it's details about our ongoing projects, upcoming events, or ways to get involved, people can scan the code and instantly access the information they need. This eliminates the need for extensive explanations and ensures interested individuals can stay informed at their convenience.

Facilitating Donations and Purchases - QR codes can serve as a gateway for supporters to contribute to our cause, CenGiving. By linking the codes to our donation platform or website, individuals can make monetary contributions or purchase sustainable fashion items directly from their smartphones. This seamless integration of technology and fashion empowers people to take immediate action and support our mission from wherever they are.

Exclusive Access to Content/Items - QR codes can also unlock exclusive content or limited edition fashion items for those who scan them. By creating a sense of exclusivity, we can incentivise individuals to engage further with our cause. For example, scanning a QR code could grant access to behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with industry experts, or early access to new fashion releases. This approach adds an element of excitement and rewards our dedicated supporters.

In light of recent protests in France, we recognise the importance of using fashion as a medium to convey messages and push for social change. The current situation in France is an example of marginalisation and alienation of the seldom-herd communities, including constantly not being listened to. This has resulted in protests that have now become riots. Despite the flames of fire and chaos within these protests, there are also ways to protest and spread awareness of all messages on a smaller conflict-free level that is still impactful.

This is why at Centric, we prioritise the community and their voice and developed a platform to ‘amplify voices’. We have executed this by rebuilding research capacity and capability at a local level. Plus, building the amplification of voices initiative, which is there to understand how all voices can be heard, which also led to the development of fashion as an engagement tool. This engagement strategy is a way for young people to express how they feel towards the system, their community and their struggles.

Our earliest experience of delving into fashion was looking at the messaging within clothing, this is something we have highlighted in previous blogs, such as ‘QR Coding in Fashion’ and ‘Fashion and the Green Agenda’. You can discover more in the ‘Further Reading’ section below. One of the key elements of effective protest through fashion is messaging which we convey through our clothing and have the potential to resonate deeply with others, spark conversations and inspire action. It is crucial to craft messages that are concise, impactful and align with the core values of our movement. A well-designed message can encapsulate the essence of our cause and evoke emotional responses, provoking thought and encouraging dialogue.

Our QR code integration aligns perfectly with this objective. By embedding codes in our garments, we can amplify the impact of protests and demonstrations, allowing individuals to engage more deeply with the causes they support. This innovative approach to activism blends fashion with technology, creating a powerful platform for spreading awareness and inspiring action.

As we continue our journey, we are excited to explore our new ideas within our fashion and climate change journey, plus the immense potential of QR codes in fashion, and leverage this technology to its fullest. Through collaboration, creativity and a shared commitment to the environment, we believe that fashion can be a catalyst for positive change.


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